CA1: $5 Challenge

If you are given $5, and how would you make the best out of this $5 for a day?
Initially, when I first saw this $5 Challenge I thought to myself “Hey this would be fun” Then I read on and noticed that it includes transport. I was flustered and I was wondering what I could do with $5. I started the day off by getting a $2 Nasi Lemak from Toa Payoh Lorong 1 hawker centre. This $2 really filled me. Rice with chicken, egg, and usual ikan billis and peanut.

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Then I walked to Toa Payoh Public Library, located at Toa Payoh central. The library is my favourite place. Books are one of my favourite things because it allows me to imagine, it acts like an escape. Everything can be cliche and it’s okay, that’s the beauty of the fictional books. You get the ending you expect, not like reality, cold hard reality, which never goes in an ideal way. Anyway, another reason why I like being in Toa Payoh library because it has been newly renovated and being in a nice place makes me feel good. When I reached level 3, the teen section, I had my mind set on Lisa Schroeder or Holly Smale’s books. They are excellent writers and I do admire authors. So much research, planning and imagination are needed before writing a book. And they got me captivated in their books for hours.

The Nicely Renovated Library
they even refurbish the area here
Book recommendations
My FAVOURITE section

I spent nearly the whole day there, but I left and walked to a small bread shop. I bought a bun which costs 80 cents since I wasn’t hungry. They sell a variety of different buns, but my favourite is the Golden Sand Bun. Bored, I wandered the area, then I came across the famous dragon playground in Toa Payoh. I never had a childhood here as I was brought up in Bedok, but I took a moment to appreciate this historical icon of Toa Payoh. I only began to make my way home when it was starting to get dark. Walking home can be really relaxing as well. Though it’s a 20-30 minutes walk home, it’s still a source of therapy, away from a hectic and busy life. It was a good alone time that day.

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How different was this from my usual?
Honestly, it is really different and hard to adapt. Usually on weekends, I would’ve had a nice breakfast at home with TWG berry tea and grilled cheese sandwich at home. And for lunch, I would go to my usual hideout, a coffee bean outlet in town, and spend at least $7.40 on a drink and just park myself there at coffeebean to stream online movies, or do my work. Then I’d have either a meal which cost $12 at my favourite western food shop, or $4.95 at burger king. A normal Saturday out would’ve had cost me at least $20. I realise how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy the things people can’t. Some of them would have to feel stressed about spending such money, while as for me, I could spend with ease. And for me, for a normal school day, I would probably spend at least $10 a day to satisfy my cravings and eat whatever I fancied. Travelling was easy for me since I had a concession pass. Very often I find myself taking things for granted which is bad. I need to manage my finance well or else, I would have no savings. I would recommend to this challenge to anyone who spends a lot like me.


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