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For this topic, I have chosen ‘A Grandmother and Granddaughter in India Are Making Beautiful Media Together’ from

Why I chose this post?
This article screamed out to me because of my interest in photography and the word “Grandmother”. I came across this article when I went to the category of cultures and I saw photography being categorised there as well. I chose this because I had an instinct that this post shared a unique grandmother and granddaughter bond, and I was not disappointed.
About this post…
Inderjit Kaur, who usually goes by Indri , is the grandmother of Jasmeen Patheja. Indri aspired to be an actress, and she collaborates with her granddaughter to create photos and videos. Indri also taught herself how to use internet platforms, such as google, YouTube, blogs, Twitter and Facebook. She often searches up things on YouTube and explores from home, such as how Japanese zen gardens are and watch videos for morning hymns. I really admire Indri’s curiosity for the constantly evolving world. She bothers to ask Jasmeen about certain platforms, and the difference between them. She constantly learns and has the passion for learning. To most of us, learning about technology is just as easy as ABC or 123. But to her, it was something new, to keep herself updated, to see what’s happening around the world. They share about Indri’s interest in exploring the internet, and her relationship with Jasmeen and how they bonded and had fun collaborating with each other.
After reading this post, it made me think about my times with my grandmother. I was inspired by this post because what Indri said was true. She said, “The whole world is learning, why should I not learn? I have a lot more to learn. It is important to walk along with the world.” It reminds me that you’re never too old or too young to learn, and every day is a lesson, and anywhere can be your classroom. We should not confine learning to within four walls, but in fact, wherever we go, we learn. No matter how old, we learn as well. Indri made me feel that, you’re never too old to stop dreaming. Up to the age of 84, she still wants to act, and it came true. All those posts, was probably out of curiosity, spending time and having fun with each other. Age should never be a barrier to learning.
A common question would be, does the internet help bridge and the gap between family and friends? I believe both grandmother and granddaughter agreed since Indri is having fun on the internet and she hopes to connect with her grandchildren too. Personally, I think it can. Though it’s better to be physically together, but there are times where technology can come to play. Example, I have a toddler cousin who’s constantly curious about everything around him, and he is already learning how to operate an Ipad. My grandmother would often video call me using LINE to entertain my cousin. And yes, I guess technology shrunk the world and bridges the gaps between families.

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