Is work all about money? (Week 13)

To be absolutely realistic, I would want to be an event organiser. I love planning events and I love the satisfactory from it. I enjoy doing the “behind the scenes” job as there is an interest there. If I have to be specific, I would want to work as a wedding planner perhaps? or even just in a big company and maybe work hard enough to have my own company.
I wouldn’t want to perceive my job as a dreadful chore to do, and neither would I want my every day to be a boring routine. That is partially why I chose events management. Being in such an industry, you would be able to experience many things every day, be it a mistake or an awesome discovery.
My to-be list? I want to be happy and rich. I want to be rich so I can travel the world and explore. I want to be able to be independent. I want to be able to witness the world with my very own two eyes. I want to be able to do the things I love. And of course, I want to be who I am and not who I’m supposed to be.
I can use skillfuture to upgrade myself. No matter in what industry, I believe they would provide courses for you to improve who you are and impart knowledge to you. I can upgrade myself such that, I can gain more skills, and I might also be able to broaden my career options. Or even, I might gain a set of skill that might benefit me and give myself a promotion. But life is more about learning than anything else. You are never too old or too young to learn.


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