CA1: Can I Change?

A really bad habit of mine would be procrastinating. And this caused me to have poor time management skills and not setting priorities right.
I only recognise this problem when I was taking my N levels late last year, and I was under a lot of stress because of the last minute studying. I always had to go out to study as I couldn’t focus at home with so many other distractions. This is probably how studying at home would be: While studying…
*phone buzz a few times with new notifications* I’ll check what’s going on and eventually scroll through the other notifications I managed to ignore. Then I’ll open other social media, scroll through and be entertain, laze around and not do my work. Or another scenario would be scrolling through social media platforms and then delaying the time I planned to stop. A few other common scenarios among teenagers would be completing tasks at the very last minute or even studying for exams.
There are the 6 stages of change,
1. pre-contemplation
2. contemplation
3. determination
4. action
5. maintenance
6. termination
When I figured that this was a serious issue for me, I said I had to do something about it. In the stage of pre-contemplation, there are “the Four Rs” —reluctance, rebellion, resignation and rationalisation. I guess I am classified under rebellious. Because no matter how many times I remind myself to not procrastinate, I end up doing nothing anyway. In a way, others can say I’m being resistant.
I’m also probably in stage 2, contemplation. I was also trying to do something about it but not very significant changes. I just keep making notes to keep myself on task or on schedule. But I don’t deny that I don’t always stay on track.
I’m currently at stage 3, I’m still trying to discipline myself and stay on task. Although, I don’t deny I do stray off again sometimes. But it’s all parts and parcel of trying. I know eventually one day I can move on to stage 4 and so on. Procrastination is a seriously bad habit. It led me to so many situations that I felt stress and helpless. I haven’t given up trying to kick the bad habit, but I’m confident that I eventually will.

I have to create a schedule and discipline myself strictly. I’ll have to follow it so that I will not lose track of time and leave things incomplete. My main concern would be my time management and not doing things last minute. So I believe, one way to help myself would be creating and following a schedule.


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