CA1: Unusual Occupation

In the dictionary, the word ‘unusual’ is defined as ‘not habitually or commonly occurring or done.’ Everyone’s opinion of “usual” is definitely different. To me, unusual is defined as something foreign or something not commonly practised. An unusual occupation to me would be the Mortuary Make Up Artist.
Why is this job unusual?
Being a mortuary makeup artist is unusual because it’s dealing with dead people. Makeup artist usually deals with people who are well and alive, but for them ,they have to inject chemicals to prevent the body from rotting for a few days, cleanse the body and use makeup tools to beautify the person. I think it takes a lot of courage to be able to do such a job because I believe some of us do have a fear of dead bodies. While researching about this job, I came across an article written by Mr Jeremy Leong about this mortuary makeup artist who was known as Mr Pio Lobenaria.
Mr Pio has been working as an embalmer for over 31 years already. It has been a norm for him to work and be around dead bodies that it doesn’t frighten him anymore.
Embalming is the process of preserving a corpse. This process usually takes a few hours. After post-mortem, which is the process of discovering the reasons for their death, they will have to sew the scalp and the chin to stomach with all their organs inside. They will then have to extract all the blood. The purpose of this is to prevent decomposition of the body and to promote hygiene and prevent odour. After that, a chemical is injected into the body to preserve the corpse.
They will then shower the body to remove the smell of the chemical, and then dress the corpse in their own clothing and beautify them with makeup. The body will then be sent to the funeral site with the coffin.
I would not be able to do such a job as I have a fear of dead bodies and would feel very uneasy to be around them. I wouldn’t want to imagine how it would be if a person died from suicide or a tragic accident. Though the mortuary artist would try to fix up the faces, but it would be really difficult as well with all the disfigured and burnt faces. I am one who is unable to tolerate blood and gore and I really respect those people that are brave enough to take up such jobs. It is a really unusual and scary field to work in and those people are open enough to take up the challenge.




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