What is a good country? (week 6)

If Singapore’s prime minister was a woman, of other races, young or disabled, or an immigrant? No doubt things would be different. Every leader has different capabilities, but that does not mean that we should belittle or underestimate just because she is a woman or not Chinese, or an immigrant, young or disabled. Who knows, Singapore might be more recognised and admired because it is a woman prime minister, and that is rare. And if she does a marvellous job, all the more Singapore citizens would look up to her and respect the government body.

If Singapore didn’t have any foreign or domestic workers how would it be? Well, in our fast paced lives, no one can look after your children or elderly parents while you’re out busy earning money to sustain the family needs. Hardly would there be anyone to build your nice fancy houses because I believe Singaporeans would not want to do such odd jobs such as construction workers. I believe neither would Singaporeans want to be your town council cleaning staff, under your HDB, cleaning the trash and the things we litter. No one would want to clear your rubbish waste from the chute and the whole place would stink because hardly would any Singaporeans want to do such jobs. So, I honestly think foreign workers are actually needed in Singapore. I believe the working adults are complaining about foreign talents, not foreign workers. But if you’re not too demanding and doing a good job, I believe you should have nothing to fear, especially about the competition.

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