What is a good country? Week 5 reflection

What is a good country to me and do I consider Singapore as a good country? To me, every country is good in their ways. Each and every country outstands in a certain area. What one has the other may not. A good country to me is being able to have a balance between helping and satisfying the citizens and making the country bloom. Personally, yes, I would say Singapore is a good country. We have more than we can ever ask for. We have a strong medical industry, we are able to feel safe, it’s clean, and we have a good sewage/drainage systems. Although the standard of living is extremely expensive here, it’s still most important that we are able to feel safe.

What I like and dislike about Singapore, is the same thing. I like and dislike whenever we complain. Why would I like it? Because complaints can be taken as a form a feedback. Let’s say “Oh students are so noisy on busses”, well it is something students can take note of. Or whenever they complain about how the government should do this or should not, it is also a chance for the government to improve themselves and implement whatever is needed. Why I dislike Singaporean complaints, it gets annoying at times. Because people can complain about the most trivial matters or even make really unnecessary comments about everything. These days, netizens don’t practice good manners online anymore. On STOMP or anywhere, you can actually see how harsh people are. I don’t deny that I too complain a lot. I believe that it’s because I often forget how fortunate I am and as human, I would always yearn for something better. Upon stating this, I am still learning how to appreciate and cherish what is given before it’s taken away.

How can I be a better citizen? And what am I blind about? I remember that lesson, my friends and I put up a short skit on how the world would be like if everyone else was blind. And the script went something like not judging others from their appearance but for their personality. If the world was blind, no one could be criticised on their appearance and people would only understand the true inner beauty.

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