1. What is the best part and hardest part about term 1?
The best part about AEC would be topic on parenting. In this lesson, we talked about 4 different type of parenting styles and we shared about each other’s families and parents. It was like a flashback moment which made it funny.
Hardest part was i’m constantly confused between CAS and AEC. Probably because i have the same teacher for the 2 subjects.

2. How can I apply what I’ve learnt.
For Money Matter, i learnt how to manage my money and how to spend wisely and plan financially. And for the parenting topic, I guess i understoof how things are at home.

3. What else do I still want to learn?
I guess I want to learn how to understand in a more racial form. Such that, understand more of other cultures so we would be able to understand and be better citizens, especially in singapore.

2 thoughts on “TERM 1 REFLECTION

  1. That’s good, Kim. You may want to watch these Channel NewsAsia Insider documentaries/documentary series: ‘Regardless of Race’ (you might like ‘Privilege Walk’ and one about kids on race) and ‘Ramada in Asia’ (‘From Jinghan to Jihan’ is my favourite). Do YouTube them.


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