How Did We Become The Way We Are?

In week 4’s lesson, I believe we discussed the Rohingya refugees and also the reasons why Singapore refused to take in all those refugees as well. I remember being able to reason from the government’s point of view, the netizens and the refugees.

The netizens were really angry at the government for not having a “heart” and take in the refugees to give them a temporary home.  They felt unfair for the refugees as they were able to empathise with them. They probably felt that such powerful government should’ve been able to temporarily support those in need. Honestly, I too felt that way. However, I do not know what intentions the government have. So, I am unable to make any comments about what should be done. They might have had plans but shrugged it off because of the cons which would not benefit our country. The refugees would’ve felt disappointed as well, as they probably hoped that a country like ours should’ve been willing to help them. They didn’t ask to be in such a plight and I believe they would be grateful for any help they receive and be appreciative as well.

we also discussed the topic of migrants. Often, Singaporeans complain about the lacking on jobs and migrants “stealing” them. I believe they were referring to foreign talents than foreign workers. We also discussed foreign talents are workers with “skills”. But we often neglect the thought that foreign workers have skills too. I believe construction workers and domestic helpers possess certain skills we don’t that’s why we employ them too. Example, to take care of elderly or little children, I believe they had to go through training for it as well. And also construction workers, they had to go through certain briefings to learn the strings of this industry.

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