Money Management

What I Know About Money Management What I Want to Know About Money Management What I’ve Learned About Money Management
 Saving money  How to save more efficiently  It is important to differentiate and understand our needs and wants.
 spending more on needs than wants  We should set aside what we should save up and then spend the remaining. at least we would still have savings.
 having a target goal for saving  Income-Savings= expenditure.

I like the blog post about “The truth about polytechnic students” because I think I can relate to it. Being a polytechinc students makes me want to invest more in my clothes and accessories. And I guess I really have to learn to distinguish between needs and wants. However I find myself to be eating more when i’m in Poly. THat’s why i find myself unable to save up at times. Having a social life means going out after school to study and chill, and that would also mean spending money on meals. I could have my meals to be paid for but I chose to hang out and eat with my friends. Frankly, I don’t really get what’s in trend, I love investing on my wardrobe to make myself feel more comfortable and I don’t like wearing a particular outfit too frequently. Thus, I found that this post is actually really relatable and it helps me realise that I’m really spending too much at times.

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